2019 Outdoor Speakers For Summer Listening

2019 Outdoor Speakers For Summer Listening

Summer is the season for barbecues, get-togethers, parties and spending more time outdoors. However, a common challenge that people experience is poor sound quality when outside. If your deck, patio, or yard isn’t getting quality sound from portable Bluetooth speakers, you should consider installing an outdoor speaker system. These systems are designed to project sound across a larger space while limiting any disturbance you might cause to your neighbors. And, these outdoor speakers come in numerous shapes, sizes, and features to fit right in with your outdoor area.

So, if your goal is to enjoy high-quality sound this summer, you should consider the following innovative products:


Each Coastal Source product comes with a bi-amplified full range speaker and subwoofer system. With smart features on board, these speakers can be easily controlled right from your phone. Major advantages of these speakers are that they can be seamlessly integrated with other systems, they blend in seamlessly, and they deliver impeccable audio with materials that can withstand even the strongest storms.

Coastal Source’s line of speakers can be expertly hidden behind plants in your landscape, disguised as rocks, or showcased proudly along the footpaths. For example, their Bollard subwoofers are designed to be inconspicuous and hidden in plants, while their Rock Speakers are designed with fiberglass to look like rocks. Both units will leave your guests wondering where the sound is coming from.

There are endless opportunities and unbelievable results when it comes to these speakers.



Leon Terra has an extensive collection of all-weather outdoor audio speakers that deliver top-notch performance sound. The Terra SIX and FIVE Series are composed of Leon Terra’s all-weather UniCavity™ enclosure models. They are designed to withstand constant exposure to outdoor elements without sacrificing high-performance sound.

Leon Terra’s wall mounted speakers are perfect for projecting outdoor sound to your space. Each Leon Terra speaker is angular molded to reduce distortion and project sound in the right direction. Their CA Series also has all-climate qualities and are designed to be mounted almost flush within walls making it a high-end solution to be placed outdoors.



Disguising your outdoor audio has become much easier with the Sonance Speaker System. The Sonance Landscape Series (SLS) is a completely scalable outdoor speaker system designed to deliver perfectly-even coverage and exceptional audio quality throughout any outdoor space. SLS gives an awe-striking sonic performance from satellite speakers and underground subwoofers that are concealed creatively out of sight amongst plants and foliage. Most agree that the SLS is one of the best sounding outdoor sound systems.

What makes Sonance stand out among other systems is its versatility.  They keep evolving with built-in flexibility, making them ideal for custom solutions. The Sonance Garden Series consists of an 8.1 speaker system, where 8 strategically placed satellite speakers work in unison with a subwoofer to dip your outdoor space in quality sound. Sound is distributed evenly throughout a backyard as the speakers blend well with trees. Several speakers and subwoofers are installed around the listening area to create an atmosphere of brilliant sound everywhere you turn.

These three brands stand out as they deliver clean, high-performance sounds- from bass to midrange to treble. The results are a comfortable and captivating experience with designs camouflaged to blend in with any outdoor environment.

If you are looking for a quality outdoor audio system, consider investing in one of these full-range outdoor speaker systems this summer.