KETRA – The Modern Lighting Solution

KETRA – The Modern Lighting Solution

When it comes to creating ambiance, lighting is one of the more integral elements. Many traditional lighting systems don’t have the ability to create the desired appearance without sacrificing a natural look. Moreso, most lighting products on the market these days only offer one consistent color temperature. Exposure to a constant and unchanging light can have negative impacts on sleep patterns as well as other health concerns such as stress, depression, and more. Not anymore. Now, thanks to Ketra, you can achieve the aesthetics you desire, whether it be day or night, while simultaneously improving your health and happiness.

Ketra is revolutionizing the lighting industry with the usage of natural light, focusing on the development of lighting products that produce the highest quality and range of natural lighting systems. Ketra’s lights differ from all others on the market in that they focus on creating lighting systems that mimic subtle color shifts that occur during the day.

Ketra offers several key elements:

Circadian Rhythm

You may have heard of the circadian rhythm and its importance it plays in keeping you healthy. The circadian rhythm is your body’s internal clock. When your circadian rhythm is thrown off, your health can suffer. Studies have shown how light greatly affects the circadian rhythm. Prolonged exposure to artificial, static light can disrupt your circadian rhythm, negatively impacting your mental and physical well being. Ketra’s lighting mimics the subtle color shades and intensity shifts of natural light, which allow your body to maintain its optimum circadian rhythm.


Ketra lamps and luminaries are capable of providing a wide range of illumination options for both homes and businesses. From general lighting to decorative and task-oriented lighting, you can control the settings you wish to use. Each product features a custom driver chip that assures perfect calibration of light throughout the product’s lifetime. But it doesn’t stop there. Ketra’s Design Studio software provides an unlimited amount of curated content. Their color mixing feature enables you to enjoy adjustable temperatures from 1,400k to 10,000k, ranging from white to pastels, as well as endless saturation and enhancement options.

Integrated Control Systems

Ketra’s integrated control system connects via WiFi or the internet and gives users the ability to control their lights from either a computer or mobile application. Their control systems allow for precise control of lighting intensity, activation, and customized settings. Ketra’s unique system is easy to use and scalable to accommodate any size of the installation, whether it be commercial or residential. For even more flexibility, Ketra offers sleek and stylish wall mounted keypads that can fit discreetly into any decor.

Proper lighting inside your home or buildings is crucial. Gone are the days of one size fits all lighting systems. With Ketra’s products, your premises will soon be on the way to towards providing increased comfort, health and productivity.

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Building a Home? You should Pre-Wire it!

Building a Home? You should Pre-Wire it!

Building a new home is a great accomplishment requiring significant investments in both building materials and fixtures. In the days of smart technology, incorporating security and automation pre-wired solutions should be done at the planning stage. Pre-wiring means you can install your choice systems because the infrastructure allows you to do so, whereas, wiring as an afterthought will limit you as you can only do so much in a complete house.

At SAGE, we compiled a list of reasons why you should consider pre-wiring your new home for high-tech automation systems:

Integrated Security Connection

Modern security systems provide more than simple door locks. Automated security systems combine alarms with lighting controls to keep your home secure. It gives life to your home and the notion that there is occupancy at all times. Security automation minimizes risks of burglary, intrusion and unwarranted vandalism. The automation links with your smart phones and tablets to control and observe your home security from anywhere. Implementing the home security and automation plans in advance ensures you begin to use your systems the moment you move in.


Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring allows you to monitor the activities around your home from anywhere. It alerts you of the impending problems that can occur at your residence while you are away. Potential water leaks can prevent expensive harm caused by malfunctioning AC units, leaking pipes, water heaters, or ice makers. A high-temperature alarm averts mold growth and protects vulnerable family members as well as your pets from getting ill due to the abnormal temperatures if your AC unit fails.


Entertainment Systems

Your new home should have a centralized pre-wired solution for your entertainment units. It prepares your home for all possible purchases or installation of home theater systems sound from invisible speakers, entertainment spots, and television sets. It also includes a centralized point of control for all the wiring connection. Smart technologies in home prewire automation and security solutions make your life convenient and comfortable.


Future Connections with Pre-wiring Systems

You may not need to connect all the pre-wire networks in your home right now but may consider future installations like surveillance cameras and outdoor entertainment units. This allows room for future expansions with your pre-fixed technologies. Pre-wiring your new house while under construction gives you the freedom to choose where you want things to be which you may not have when it is complete.

On the other hand, your assets may increase later after you have moved in and you now need more security functions.

Having pre-wired systems will give you all the flexibility you need.


Resale Value

A well-constructed and well-maintained home are the envy of most people. The effort does not go to waste when you are looking to resell your home in future. Modern technology pre-wiring raises your home value in the property markets. In the ever-changing real estate market, most buyers want a home that will require minimal changes or renovations for the sake of their wallets.


Concealed Wires

Prewiring protects cables allowing you to construct a centralized connection. You can store your equipment like amplifiers, and AV receivers in one place or protect the wiring in an invisible enclosed area. In addition, concealed wires and cables are more tamper proof than exposed ones running all over the walls.


Protect Your Decor

Prewiring prevents many obstructions from the naked wiring systems hanging from the exterior walls. It neatly with cable covers that will not interfere with painting jobs and your home décor. Pre-wired cables and systems look aesthetically pleasing which is one of the reasons your home will be better valued; it looks good.


Cost Effective

You save expensive retrofitting costs by having a technician pre-wire when the infrastructure is still accessible. It is always more cost effective to have the wiring down during the construction phase. Installing security and automation as an afterthought will cause your technician to bill you for spooling and stapling cable throughout your house.

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Benefit from Climate Control in Your Home

Benefit from Climate Control in Your Home

More than half of your energy costs go to heating and cooling. In fact, heating and cooling systems take up to 40% of homeowners’ annual utility budget. Numerous devices to improve heating and cooling equipment commonly known as “smart” thermostats offer both automation and enhanced control over your home’s temperature and general climate-control. But that’s not all smart thermostats can offer. Here are the top benefits of a smart home’s climate control system.


Improved Home Value

Some home improvements can cost a lot of money while adding no significant value to your home. On the other hand, an efficient climate control system not only lowers your bills but also provides a strong selling point if you ever decide to part with your home in future. Because most buyers weigh the cost of energy bills, HVAC repairs, and replacement while looking for a home to buy, having an efficient climate-control system in place will attract potential buyers.


Programmable Thermostats

Thermostats play a crucial role in regulating the temperatures of your home. Inevitably, some rooms need to cool or heat more than others. This type of zoning can go a long way in lowering your energy bills while providing consistent comfort and optimal temperatures. Smart homes feature programmable thermostats that are more flexible and more intelligent in their operations. The idea of pre-programming temperatures is ideal for people who spend most of their times away from their homes. Making proper use of the programmable thermostats can help you to save much more on energy costs annually.


Save Energy

The whole point of installing a smart climate control system in your home is to cut on your heating and cooling bills by moving towards energy-saving settings. Letting the climate control system take over the control of your home’s climate significantly reduces your bills.


Increase The Comfort Of Your Home

With automated climate control, comfort is guaranteed. The occupants of your home get to enjoy proper moisture and heat levels and an air flow which is consistent and much more comforting and relaxing.


Regulate Temperature From Anywhere & Keep An Eye On Your Home

The smart climate control feature is the main gateway to your home. You can easily check the controller app installed on your smartphone while you are away from home. It keeps you updated about the temperatures in your home. This is one of the greatest ways of monitoring the heating and cooling system of your home to ensure maximum efficiency. Additionally, some thermostat apps support email alerts that let you know when your home’s temperature changes beyond your preset range. You could also receive email notifications about disconnections caused by power outages.


Eliminate Human Error

Smart home’s climate control systems feature smart thermostats that are capable of learning your temperature preferences. They can adapt to set preferences and schedules, making energy efficient secure by letting the thermostat control your home’s temperature whether you’re at home or not. After some time, the thermostat is capable of handling the dropping and raising of your home’s temperature even while you are relaxing. You will no longer have to worry whenever you leave your AC or heater running because the thermostat is capable of detecting when you have left or turned off the systems automatically.


Analyze Your Energy Usage

Smart thermostats track your energy usage and analyze it effectively in a regular monthly report.
Overall, climate control smart thermostats provide alternative measures for homeowners to set the preferred temperature and tune it to signal the air conditioning equipment to regulate itself in order to maintain the desired temperature setting. It is an extremely effective method for you to save on energy costs throughout the year.

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How to Prep Your Outdoor Space for Summer Entertaining

How to Prep Your Outdoor Space for Summer Entertaining

Outdoor Audio

With an advanced outdoor audio system, your guests will be awe. The best systems have features like buried subwoofers with satellite speakers that look like landscape elements. Moreover, some audio devices allow you to stream directly from your phone. One of the most acclaimed outdoor audio systems is Sonance Outdoor Speakers (SLS). Sonance Landscape Series (SLS) offers the LS47SAT speaker that can be hidden in your planter or garden area because it looks exactly like landscape lighting. The LS10SUB subwoofer can be buried in the ground. Because the speakers are in a brown finish, they blend into the outdoor space. The 3/4 inch threading means that you can mount them in various ways. The subwoofer is like a round drum, but also comes in a planter type style if you choose to keep it above ground. A 70-volt amp accepts both input types and comes in three different wattages. It is preloaded with equalizer settings to optimize the audio. A truly stunning audio experience with an even sound coverage no matter where you are on the deck or patio area. SLS’ sleek designs can either add to the look of the landscape or be concealed entirely behind it. Be it in a courtyard, patio, estate, or garden, SLS is undisputed in both outdoor performance and aesthetics. The SLS will leave you wanting to hear all of your music outdoors!

Outdoor TV

Outdoor televisions make great additions to outdoor living areas. Seura TVs can withstand weather elements very well. Seura TVs promise to be an instant hit with your friends due to their unmatched experience, reliability and view quality.  The Seura Storm and Ultra Bright give optimized performance even in shaded locations. They also work well in direct sunlight. The Triple Lock Seal weatherproof parts mean you will get a sharp, bright, and reliable picture in any light or climate. The Adaptive Picture Technology will automatically adjust various picture settings depending on the outdoor lighting conditions from day to night.  They even back their technology with a warranty that guarantees a repair or replacement within 2 days. With TV wall mounts and a fully protective cover, you will be impressed with their structural integrity and durability.

Just imagine sitting outside this summer to enjoy a nice dinner with beautiful music playing in the background, followed by an evening of popcorn and movies. Whether you already have a nice outdoor living space or you are adding one for the first time, consider these great options for making your own outdoor paradise. You cannot go wrong by adding either the SLS or a Seura TV to your outdoor patio. You may even decide to add both.

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Trending in Smart Home Technology

Trending in Smart Home Technology

Making your home smart is an increasing trend in itself. With home automation growing rapidly, here are a few features that are making an impact in the industry and in your home:

 Voice Control

With the rising popularity and demand of Amazon Echo, more and more companies are looking to voice control to control everything from lights, thermostats, music systems to complete home automation systems. Voice control provides the benefit of allowing users to control their devices- hands-free. While the use of voice control may not seem like a new innovation, as smartphones are already equipped with voice recognition, using your voice to control your home is a relatively new concept. Companies such as Lutron, Sonos, NEST and Apple among others have all joined the ecosystem, adding voice control functionality to some of their devices.


Today, home automation devices can determine whether or not you are home without much effort on your part. Geofencing allows you to define geographical boundaries and associate them with home automation action. Numerous devices such as the lights, thermostat, appliances, and security systems can sync with your geofence, and set according to your preferences/schedule. The geofence’s invisible barrier allows you to come and go freely, adjusting smart home functionalities automatically when you travel in or outside of set limits. For example, if you leave your home, your smart home will go into away mode– turning off lights, heating/cooling units, and activating your home security system.

Decor Friendly Devices

Decor friendly technology blends right into the aesthetics of your home. With the advent of beautiful and sleek and modern designs, home automation devices are actually adding to the decor of the home, instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. Devices from network routers to smart thermostats and door locks are designed not only to improve your life by bringing automation and control, but they are now aesthetically pleasing to the eye too.


Virtual Reality

Virtual reality headsets are emerging into the consumer market with several global tech leaders (Oculus, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Google Cardboard, to name a few) paving the way. While virtual reality (VR) has been primarily in the fields of gaming, simulation, and manufacturing, their capabilities are just beginning in smart home environments. Virtual reality (VR) technologies and systems have the potential to play an integral role in smart home environments with instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). Virtual reality headsets can transport you into a 3-D world. Through VR headsets, you will be able to control and use smart home devices without even leaving your home. e.g. closing the fridge door if it was left open. The possibilities for VR entering the smart home market are endless.