Gifts That Keep On Giving


This holiday season, give gifts that keep on giving. These luxury gifts are sure to deliver enjoyable, impressive experiences day after day.

Sony 8K TV

As 2019 edges into 2020, a new wave of television technology is emerging: 8K Ultra high def TVs. This upgrade doubles the resolution of the older 4K models and sets the standard for larger television sets. Granted there isn’t much content today (if any) but if you are looking for the best and want to make someone real happy, the only way to go is the Sony 98″ Master Series (XBR-98Z9G) for $69,999. If you don’t love the person that much, then the 85″ model is a steal at just under 13K.

Custom Meridian Speakers

Do you and your loved one pour a glass of boxed wine when you get home from work? No, your tongue would hate you, so why are you being so mean to your ears each night? You don’t realize the true sound quality of your favorite songs until you listen to them in MQA format on a pair of Meridian DSP 8000 Special Edition Loudspeakers. Priced at $84,000, these are the largest and most powerful Meridian offers. The sleek lines and smooth design of their speakers help to make Meridian speakers become a part of the décor, rather than an eyesore. And as an added bonus, you can purchase these speakers in any color you want. So, if you need them in Ferrari Red to match your car, you’re in luck!

Full Swing Golf Simulator

Want to play Pebble Beach in your pajamas? Who doesn’t! Thanks to the Full Swing Golf Simulator, starting at $50,000 you can play whenever you want. Rain or shine, clothed or not… Just bring your clubs. 

The Full Swing Golf Simulator is an amazingly accurate in-home golfing system. Weather is no longer a factor in keeping golfers from their favorite pastime. Additionally, the system includes a swing analysis that gives real-time feedback. This information, coupled with coaching tips, provides invaluable insight. So, for the golfer who has everything, this is the only gift choice that would make an impact.

Focal Utopia by Tournaire

If you are looking for a gift smaller in size then look no further than Focal. They have long been a leader in audio technology, but recently, they decided to enter the luxury personal listening market with the Focal Utopia by Tournaire, one of the world’s most sought after luxury jewelry brands.

Together, this duo outdid themselves and everybody else with these $120,000 gold and diamond-encrusted headphones. With 18k gold and 6k in diamonds, these headphones don’t make the sound quality any worse. How can you go wrong?