There’s Much More to Lighting Than Meets the Eye

On And Off Are Not The Full Story

Long ago, people learned to use fire to light their path, warm their cave and keep predators at bay. Their lives improved dramatically when they became able to turn night into day and a home into a safe, cozy place. This was the first occurrence of what we now know as Lighting and Lighting Control. The technology continues to improve, but the core benefits are interestingly similar.

Today we can speak one command or touch a virtual button on a smartphone or keypad to harness the power and enrichments provided by lighting. If you’re still using basic dimmers and timers to manage the light inside and outside your home or office, you’re only using about 10% of what’s possible! Here’s what you’re missing, and it’s a lot.



There’s more to convenience than just being able to turn lights on and off – or dim them. Let’s light it up with some options here.

Lighting Scenes can be scheduled to deliver the best illumination for any situation: cheerful light to greet you at breakfast, moody light when your family settles in to watch TV, or something elegant when you entertain. The best part? You can press a button to achieve this, or it can automatically occur without even thinking about it.

Lighting sensors can automatically extinguish lights when a room is empty. Got kids? If so, you’ll understand this major benefit.

Lighting can be married with your smart home control system to respond as you wish to specific situations. For example, press one button to start a movie and lighting control can dim the lights, draw the shades and gently lower the projector screen. Or if your home security alarm activates, lights that assure safety and well-lit exit paths can be activated—automatically.

Control lighting remotely using a mobile app—from anywhere—at any time, even while away on vacation across the globe.



Lights that turn on an off at specific times of the day or night can make your home look lived-in when you’re away. We have been doing this for clients for some time. But now imagine security lights that follow the same schedule as the sun, automatically without even thinking about it.

Security benefits don’t stop there. Turn on your driveway, garage and select lights from your car as your drive up, so you never again arrive to a dark home. Turn all lights on—or off—or make them flash if you think you hear a noise after dark. For many homeowners, expertly designed and professionally installed lighting control delivers maximum peace of mind—and more protection for you and your loved ones.


Most of us understand that the right lighting makes your home more beautiful from the outside with expertly designed exterior lights, while indoor lighting systems enhance your décor. But have you thought about how lighting can also make wall art more realistic or make you feel better about your home and yourself? New natural lighting from Ketra shines just the right light to make you and your art look their best at all times. We’ll get into more on Ketra in a moment.



Being able to instantly or automatically dim and schedule lights not only saves money by reducing energy expenses—these energy-conscious measures also help keep our Earth a little bit greener. And that can make you feel a little bit better about your home and environment.


The second subtle but often unknown benefit of lighting control relies on new technologies know as Wellness Lighting. If you haven’t heard about it, we offer these leading light technologies at Sage.

Wellness lighting—it’s an extremely significant topic. With Wellness Lighting, your home can enjoy lighting colors and lighting changes throughout the day that match our body rhythms. This latest development in lighting gently helps our bodies become relaxed at bedtime and more alert in the morning and throughout the day.

You can read more about new Wellness Lighting in our  blog about Ketra, one of the proven brands we recommend from Lutron.

Contact us to learn more about how we can light up your spaces, light and life! We look forward to hearing about your interests and consulting on exactly the right solution for you and yours.

Photo Credits: Lutron, Delos. All rights reserved.