Superhero Technology That’s Out of Sight – Until You Want It

Superhero Technology That’s Out of Sight – Until You Want It

The beauty of today’s technology is you don’t have to know it’s there. As recently as the 90s, families indulged their desire for the ultimate experience in video entertainment by purchasing large, box-like projection TVs that were monstrous in size. Some even cut large holes to make these TVs flush into the  walls. Their mass and immobility meant that they were installed in a room that was sufficiently large, usually the living room or family room. They could not be easily moved and seldom blended well with any room or décor.

Now, families can enjoy far more breathtaking video quality in every room of their house, not just the living room. And instead of dominating interior spaces as past TVs did, full featured, 4K and OLED televisions that feature the latest technology and finest enjoyment now come not only in ultra-thin formats, but also as disguised hanging artwork, fashionable mirrors and magically disappearing screens that drop from the ceiling only when you want to watch them! Today, that black hole in the middle of the room has so many magical possibilities and Sage AV has them all.

Needs and Dreams Assessment

Making sure your family derives maximum excitement and satisfaction from home video, at Sage AV we always begin with a simple conversation. Our experienced professionals explore your wishes and expectations. For example, are you seeking a large screen TV in key living spaces plus flat screens in bedrooms and the home gym? From a simple setup in the kitchen nook to a full-blown, dedicated media room or home cinema, it’s our passion to help you make the right choices from all the awesome alternatives available. Trained and intimately familiar with the best technology options, you don’t have to know a thing – except your interests and how you live. We can suggest the ideal solution that blends in beautifully for every space.

Equally important, we can also collaborate directly with your interior decorator and/or architect if you wish. That way, you can take advantage of the covert possibilities that make the technology fit your fashion and design scheme. TVs that display striking artwork instead of empty black screens that distract visitors or touch your mirror in the morning to light up a hidden display so you can catch the weather. You have to experience it to believe it.

Superhero Technology That’s Out of Sight – Until You Want It
Audio That Allows Décor to Be Front and Center

Can you spot the speakers? Similar out-of-sight options are available for audio entertainment. Imagine music emanating from all around you, yet you can’t see a single speaker! Massive speakers that assumed space and impacted rooms have been replaced by sleek new innovations that are completely concealed—never seen, only heard. These seamless solutions still deliver the most amazing music and sound performance. Professional-level audio is delivered by speakers and subwoofers that are actually hidden within walls and ceilings – in the drywall! No more painting grills or matching molding, just music that moves you.

Sound everywhere, and no speakers or wires in sight. Even outdoors, speakers disguised as rocks and planters can graciously replace the military-style, large speaker boxes that were once so familiar. Listen to your favorite playlists on the patio, news in the shower—whatever you want, Sage AV has the knowledge, training and experience to get you matched with your ideal vision. And, if you prefer speakers do stand out, such as artful, floor standing speakers for a music listening room, we’ve got that too.

Smart Tech in its Place, Not in your Face

The integration of video and audio entertainment transparently with the other smart home automation elements in your residence is one area where Sage AV really shines. We can elevate any space with entertainment yet fit it in to your aesthetic with control of it all. Access music, lighting, shades, climate and more using stylish, personalized in-wall touch keypads or touch panels that harmonize with your interior design. With a single tap, you can invoke a romantic mood where lights dim, shades drop, and soft music starts at the right volume level. Tap again and you summon your outdoor preferences—start rock music and muted footlights around the pool. It’s all up to you.

The world is beginning to understand that covert can be chic. And this is what our homeowners are now requesting. Technology doesn’t have to be on display in chunky boxes that don’t match—everything can be clean, concealed and controlled with ease from anywhere. Have it your way. After all, when you’re in the mood for entertainment, you shouldn’t have to compromise on design. Let’s make life more beautiful, easier – and wow your family and guests.


Photo Credits: Seura and Sonance, our partners. All rights reserved.