Take Technology Outside! Transform any Outdoor Area into a New,
Enjoyable Space

Take Technology Outside! Transform any Outdoor Area into a New, Enjoyable Space

The creation of outdoor living spaces is one of the hottest trends in homeownership and has been for several years. It’s hard to beat the fresh air and sunshine when you’re enjoying the company of good friends and family, or just kicking back solo.

Why not make the time spent outdoors even more enjoyable by adding some amazing entertainment features? Our design and installation team at Sage AV knows the types of products that look beautiful and perform best in the great outdoors. We can also integrate them seamlessly into your backyard, patio, deck, poolside and other exterior locations. We understand what it takes to maintain a bright, vivid image during a sunny afternoon and how to define the borders of your property beautifully with smart landscape lighting, for example. Music, controls, and more, we can tailor a simple – or a complete outdoor solution that fits your needs and wallet. There are many exciting options to consider, so we can guide you through the process as we transform ordinary outdoor areas into something truly special. And, just in time for summer.

So, let’s get started and step outside!

Take Technology Outside! Transform any Outdoor Area into a New, Enjoyable Space

Making Beautiful Music in the Backyard and Other Places

Music is the perfect complement to just about any outdoor activity. Backyard BBQ? Sunbathing? Yardwork? Audio pairs well with all. In the past, we may have taken tunes alfresco by blaring an indoor stereo system with the doors open or plopping down a portable speaker. You may have even experimented with wireless speakers. Today, there are advanced solutions that make music sound better and that provide remarkable coverage. A well-designed and installed outdoor audio system by Sage AV that includes high-quality weather-hardy, water-resistant speakers and subwoofers can blanket the outdoor area evenly with high-fidelity music. Positioned optimally throughout the outdoor space, the music will reach your ears wherever you roam.

Outdoor speakers range from those that stake permanently to the ground among the foliage, mount inconspicuously to the exterior of the house, or sit directly on the patio where they masquerade as flowerpots or benches. Some speakers even feature built-in landscape lighting, so you get two products in one. Manufacturers of outdoor audio systems didn’t forget about bass. Big Bass! We offer premium, outdoor-rated subwoofers in all shapes and sizes, even those that resemble rocks or can be recessed into the ground, so they’re not even seen. But they’re always heard.

If you’d like to also add a TV display to your outdoor entertainment area—you’ll want speakers there, as well. They’ll provide a much better listening experience than the speakers built into the display.

TVs with Ample SPF

There’s no need to leave the sunshine for the living room to catch the big game, a streaming Netflix series or a newly released movie. You can breathe in the fresh air, gaze at the stars or take a dip while never missing a moment of the action.

Just as we do with our careful selection and placement of speakers, we take all the necessary steps to ensure the outdoor image is bright, vivid and clear based on your space. Sunshine is notorious for washing out the picture or casting a glare across the screen, which is why it’s such a good idea to opt for a special outdoor TV manufactured to withstand sun, extreme temperatures and other outdoor elements. Featuring optimized anti-glare coatings and calibrated for bright, sunny days, they also maintain respectable brightness and clarity for viewing on sunny afternoons. They come in a full range of sizes, too, so they can suit any open-air application, whether you want a large screen for an outdoor theater or a smaller display for casual viewing by the swimming pool. Pairing the proper weatherproof soundbars are in our wheelhouse too, and available to attach to the bottom of the display for enhanced sound performance.

Watching movies under the stars never gets old, and neither has the technology to make it work. Save AV can make a big cinema-like projection screen descend from the roofline of your covered pavilion when it’s showtime. We can pair it with the perfect projector encased in a weatherproof housing. The choices are many, and our team can answer all of your questions.

Take Technology Outside! Transform any Outdoor Area into a New, Enjoyable Space

Lighting the Way

Exterior lighting is a necessity for any outdoor space, but there can be more thought behind it than simply illuminating the deck while you cook or the pathway as you cross the yard. Lighting today is so much more than on and off!

Properly designed and installed outdoor lighting can add ambiance, accentuate certain architectural and landscape features and create the ideal atmosphere for any outdoor activity. The last thing you want to do, though, is fumble with light switches to create the right effect. By connecting the lighting, switches and dimmers to an integrated control system, groups of fixtures can be automated to activate at certain times of the day, or when they receive a command from you by way of your smartphone or tablet.

Sage AV can make things even easier by configuring preset “scenes” that stage the lights to suit the occasion. A “party” scene could illuminate the walkways, the landscape and the patio, while a “theater” scene could focus the lights on the seating area until it’s “showtime.” If you’d like to take outdoor lighting up a notch, we can add a few colored LED fixtures. These lights can cast any color hue you desire—blue, green, red or whatever suits the mood.

Although the decorative aspects of outdoor lighting are very appealing, outdoor architectural lighting also brings a whole new level of safety and security for you, your family and your guests. Integrated motion sensors can activate a pathway of lights from the driveway to the patio for safety, or they can switch on floodlights in the middle of the night as a warning to trespassers. The possibilities allow us to configure a lighting system that addresses your specific interests.

Keeping It Under Control

Choosing a music playlist, controlling the volume, channel surfing, and activating the lights—when technology joins the outdoor area, there is more to manage than simply the position of your chaise lounge. A central control system, installed and configured by a qualified home technology integrator—offers a simple, convenient method of governing the entire outdoor living space. Pressing one button on a smartphone can activate a specially curated collection of music, tune the big-screen TV to a favorite on-demand channel and set the lights just right. In seconds, the backyard is ready for neighborhood fun. And when guests depart, a button press can turn everything off—plus set your security system.

Summer is a great time to turn your attention to the outdoors. Whether you want music in one area or the entire yard; a huge screen for sports or smaller TV for something more intimate; specially choreographed decorative lighting or a simple setup, Sage AV can get your outdoor area ready for every moment ahead!

Take Technology Outside! Transform any Outdoor Area into a New, Enjoyable Space

Getting Comfortable with All Outdoor Tech

As much as we love outdoor entertaining, we know Mother Nature isn’t always on board. A cold front, rain, wind and extreme heat can sometimes make it a challenge to be outside, much less relax. Thankfully, we have a few other tech tricks up our sleeve. We can install motorized outdoor shading around the perimeter of an outdoor area to block out sunshine and the heat that comes with it, as well as insects. The shading also insulates the space from the cold, so you can extend the use of your outdoor areas well into the fall and sometimes the winter. We can add automated outdoor heaters for a constant, comfortable temperature and more.

If you’re ready to take it outside, we are your team and ready to rock your outdoor spaces and life. Get started!

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