Beautiful, Specialty Home Theater Seating with CinemaTech 


At Sage AV, we understand that your home theater isn’t just a room; it’s an experience waiting to be explored. As providers of world-class audio-video solutions, we go beyond sound and visuals. We also can bring you comfort and style for all your entertainment with our exclusive home theater seating options from partner CinemaTech. To enhance your theater experience, our seating solutions can ensure that every seat is exactly what you envision.  

When it comes to entertainment seating, style and comfort are what it’s all about. Sage AV’s home theater seating options are many and offer complete luxury and relaxation. Crafted with the finest materials and ergonomic design, you’ll sink into plush cushions, feel the smooth touch of premium leather, and forget any worries of the day.  With CinemaTech, you aren’t just watching a movie; you’re indulging in a total entertainment experience. 

At Sage AV, we want your cinema at home to be unique. As such, our experts analyze your space to provide seating solutions that are tailor-made for your room size, comfort and décor. We consider every detail, from the depth of incline/recline, walkway room, riser depth and height to the strategic placement of “Prime Seats.” Whether you prefer the classic allure of traditional designs or the modern edge of contemporary styles, our CinemaTech seating options cater to every taste. 

With Sage AV’s extensive home theater solutions, including seating, you can now indulge in the epitome of comfort and experience entertainment like never before. 

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