Summer is finally here. It’s time to prepare your outdoor space–not the landscaping, not the patio furniture, and not a new umbrella for the deck. It’s time to prepare your outdoor space for entertaining and entertainment by adding technology to your patio. Here are some tips from Sage AV to turn your outdoor living space into an entertainment hotspot.

Outdoor Audio

With an advanced outdoor audio system, your guests will be awe. The best systems have features like buried subwoofers with satellite speakers that look like landscape elements. Moreover, some audio devices allow you to stream directly from your phone. One of the most acclaimed outdoor audio systems is Sonance Outdoor Speakers (SLS). Sonance Landscape Series (SLS) offers the LS47SAT speaker that can be hidden in your planter or garden area because it looks exactly like landscape lighting. The LS10SUB subwoofer can be buried in the ground. Because the speakers are in a brown finish, they blend into the outdoor space. The 3/4 inch threading means that you can mount them in various ways. The subwoofer is like a round drum, but also comes in a planter type style if you choose to keep it above ground.A 70-volt amp accepts both input types and comes in three different wattages. It is preloaded with equalizer settings to optimize the audio. A truly stunning audio experience with an even sound coverage no matter where you are on the deck or patio area. SLS’ sleek designs can either add to the look of the landscape or be concealed entirely behind it. Be it in a courtyard, patio, estate, or garden, SLS is undisputed in both outdoor performance and aesthetics. The SLS will leave you wanting to hear all of your music outdoors!

SLS_Product_ShotNow you have added a great sound system, let’s focus on the visual entertainment.


Outdoor TV

Outdoor televisions make great additions to outdoor living areas. Seura TVs can withstand weather elements very well. Seura TVs promise to be an instant hit with your friends due to their unmatched experience, reliability and view quality.  The Seura Storm and Ultra Bright give optimized performance even in shaded locations. They also work well in direct sunlight. The Triple Lock Seal weatherproof parts mean you will get a sharp, bright, and reliable picture in any light or climate. The Adaptive Picture Technology will automatically adjust various picture settings depending on the outdoor lighting conditions from day to night.  They even back their technology with a warranty that guarantees a repair or replacement within 2 days. With TV wall mounts and a fully protective cover, you will be impressed with their structural integrity and durability.outdoor-tv-pool

Just imagine sitting outside this summer to enjoy a nice dinner with beautiful music playing in the background, followed by an evening of popcorn and movies. Whether you already have a nice outdoor living space or you are adding one for the first time, consider these great options for making your own outdoor paradise. You cannot go wrong by adding either the SLS or a Seura TV to your outdoor patio. You may even decide to add both.


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