Building a Home? You should Pre-Wire it!

Building a new home is a great accomplishment requiring significant investments in both building materials and fixtures. In the days of smart technology, incorporating security and automation pre-wired solutions should be done at the planning stage. Pre-wiring means you can install your choice systems because the infrastructure allows you to do so, whereas, wiring as an afterthought will limit you as you can only do so much in a complete house.

At SAGE, we compiled a list of reasons why you should consider pre-wiring your new home for high-tech automation systems:

Integrated Security Connection

Modern security systems provide more than simple door locks. Automated security systems combine alarms with lighting controls to keep your home secure. It gives life to your home and the notion that there is occupancy at all times. Security automation minimizes risks of burglary, intrusion and unwarranted vandalism. The automation links with your smart phones and tablets to control and observe your home security from anywhere. Implementing the home security and automation plans in advance ensures you begin to use your systems the moment you move in.


Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring allows you to monitor the activities around your home from anywhere. It alerts you of the impending problems that can occur at your residence while you are away. Potential water leaks can prevent expensive harm caused by malfunctioning AC units, leaking pipes, water heaters, or ice makers. A high-temperature alarm averts mold growth and protects vulnerable family members as well as your pets from getting ill due to the abnormal temperatures if your AC unit fails.


Entertainment Systems

Your new home should have a centralized pre-wired solution for your entertainment units. It prepares your home for all possible purchases or installation of home theater systems sound from invisible speakers, entertainment spots, and television sets. It also includes a centralized point of control for all the wiring connection. Smart technologies in home prewire automation and security solutions make your life convenient and comfortable.


Future Connections with Pre-wiring Systems

You may not need to connect all the pre-wire networks in your home right now but may consider future installations like surveillance cameras and outdoor entertainment units. This allows room for future expansions with your pre-fixed technologies. Pre-wiring your new house while under construction gives you the freedom to choose where you want things to be which you may not have when it is complete.

On the other hand, your assets may increase later after you have moved in and you now need more security functions.

Having pre-wired systems will give you all the flexibility you need.


Resale Value

A well-constructed and well-maintained home are the envy of most people. The effort does not go to waste when you are looking to resell your home in future. Modern technology pre-wiring raises your home value in the property markets. In the ever-changing real estate market, most buyers want a home that will require minimal changes or renovations for the sake of their wallets.


Concealed Wires

Prewiring protects cables allowing you to construct a centralized connection. You can store your equipment like amplifiers, and AV receivers in one place or protect the wiring in an invisible enclosed area. In addition, concealed wires and cables are more tamper proof than exposed ones running all over the walls.


Protect Your Decor

Prewiring prevents many obstructions from the naked wiring systems hanging from the exterior walls. It neatly with cable covers that will not interfere with painting jobs and your home décor. Pre-wired cables and systems look aesthetically pleasing which is one of the reasons your home will be better valued; it looks good.


Cost Effective

You save expensive retrofitting costs by having a technician pre-wire when the infrastructure is still accessible. It is always more cost effective to have the wiring down during the construction phase. Installing security and automation as an afterthought will cause your technician to bill you for spooling and stapling cable throughout your house.

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