How Big Screen TVs Provide Entertainment Far Beyond Movies and Shows

One of the top activities people think of when investing in a new big-screen TV is how much better it will be to watch movies or favorite shows at home. A large, high-resolution display has a way of pulling you into the plot and immersing you in all the action—almost like being on the filming set. Screen size makes the experience more engaging, but so does the technology that’s built into the TV. Features like high dynamic range (HDR), wide color range and high refresh rates create stunning, lifelike visuals that make the experience even more exciting than ever.

But let’s expand the view. TVs are now capable of much more than traditional viewing. Functioning as a home’s multimedia hub, they can display streaming content for family interactive video games, family or work videoconferencing sessions and even beautiful digital art when the TV is not in use.

By exploring the many other features of today’s TVs, you can optimize the daily value of your new display. And the entertainment technology experts at Sage AV are here to present some of the best ways to unlock the full potential of your big screen.


Displaying Digital Art

When your TV is off, you’re left with a big, black rectangular box on the wall. To some, this can be an eyesore taking away from your décor. However, there’s a fairly easy way around this aesthetic conundrum; your TV can display digital art when it’s not busy entertaining the family with more traditional content.

 The switch can happen automatically, with breathtaking digital art streaming to the TV from a variety of easily accessible platforms. Unlike the permanence of standard artwork, digital art can be altered on a whim to reflect your mood, celebrate a special occasion or complement a change of décor. From landscapes and portraits to abstracts and photography—your TV can rotate through chosen artwork, transforming into a personalized, dynamic canvas. Plus, at Sage AV, we often combine this for Clients with music to elevate the experience.

Get Into Big Screen Gaming Action


Gaming is one of the biggest trends in home entertainment. Most new TVs come with all the right inputs, outputs and technology to integrate and optimize advanced gaming gear and online gaming apps. High refresh rates, low input lag, and support of features like variable refresh rate (VRR) and auto low latency mode (ALLM) have made modern TVs ideal platforms for interactive gaming. The bigger the screen, the more interactive and the more players can participate. Online connectivity and apps further enhance the gaming experience with head-to-head competition between gamers in the same room or around the globe. Our team can set up a system the way you like it and complement it with a sound system that makes the room shake, rattle and roll with the video action.



Fitting in Fitness Training 


Finding it hard to get to the gym? A big-screen TV equipped with various features and fitness apps can get you back on track without lots of other people around or long trip to the gym. Whether you’re into yoga, HIIT, or honing your golfing game, there are a multitude of motivational instruction apps and sports simulators to try. You might also consider combining a virtual reality headset or smart fitness equipment with your TV for variety. As long as you have ample space to move, a big-screen TV can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Conduct Conference Calls With Ease

School, family or work video calls? Why squint or put your entire family in front of one small computer screen to facetime with Grandma or participate in a work conference? Now you can do it comfortably and naturally on a big screen TV. This same philosophy applies to school-related video calls. It’s much easier to see shared presentations and collaborate with instructors on a large 65-inch (or bigger) display.

With the right technology and smart design by a team like ours at Sage AV, a smart TV can function as a visual tool that can split the screen into multiple, adjustable windows and get everyone feeling a part of the picture. When combined with a Sage AV microphone-enabled soundbar, a TV can transform any room into a productive, hybrid work and learning space.

What are the younger generations doing? Well, beyond shared video calls with family, teens today are “slinging” and sharing social media fun on large TVs in living and media rooms. TikTok is no longer confined to smartphones and other small personal devices. Bite-sized content—from YouTube TV, DIY tutorials to comedic sketches—can be sent straight to your TV screen for everyone to laugh a little together.

With Sage AV’s expertise, your big screen can become more than just a viewing device—it can be a versatile multimedia center that enhances every aspect of your home life, interaction and connections!

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Photo Credits: Samsung and CATalyzing, our partners. All rights reserved.