KETRA – The Modern Lighting Solution

When it comes to creating ambiance, lighting is one of the more integral elements. Many traditional lighting systems don’t have the ability to create the desired appearance without sacrificing a natural look. Moreso, most lighting products on the market these days only offer one consistent color temperature. Exposure to a constant and unchanging light can have negative impacts on sleep patterns as well as other health concerns such as stress, depression, and more. Not anymore. Now, thanks to Ketra, you can achieve the aesthetics you desire, whether it be day or night, while simultaneously improving your health and happiness.

Ketra is revolutionizing the lighting industry with the usage of natural light, focusing on the development of lighting products that produce the highest quality and range of natural lighting systems. Ketra’s lights differ from all others on the market in that they focus on creating lighting systems that mimic subtle color shifts that occur during the day.

Ketra offers several key elements:

Circadian Rhythm

You may have heard of the circadian rhythm and its importance it plays in keeping you healthy. The circadian rhythm is your body’s internal clock. When your circadian rhythm is thrown off, your health can suffer. Studies have shown how light greatly affects the circadian rhythm. Prolonged exposure to artificial, static light can disrupt your circadian rhythm, negatively impacting your mental and physical well being. Ketra’s lighting mimics the subtle color shades and intensity shifts of natural light, which allow your body to maintain its optimum circadian rhythm.


Ketra lamps and luminaries are capable of providing a wide range of illumination options for both homes and businesses. From general lighting to decorative and task-oriented lighting, you can control the settings you wish to use. Each product features a custom driver chip that assures perfect calibration of light throughout the product’s lifetime. But it doesn’t stop there. Ketra’s Design Studio software provides an unlimited amount of curated content. Their color mixing feature enables you to enjoy adjustable temperatures from 1,400k to 10,000k, ranging from white to pastels, as well as endless saturation and enhancement options.

Integrated Control Systems

Ketra’s integrated control system connects via WiFi or the internet and gives users the ability to control their lights from either a computer or mobile application. Their control systems allow for precise control of lighting intensity, activation, and customized settings. Ketra’s unique system is easy to use and scalable to accommodate any size of the installation, whether it be commercial or residential. For even more flexibility, Ketra offers sleek and stylish wall mounted keypads that can fit discreetly into any decor.

Proper lighting inside your home or buildings is crucial. Gone are the days of one size fits all lighting systems. With Ketra’s products, your premises will soon be on the way to towards providing increased comfort, health and productivity.

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