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Sage Support packages are the best method for protecting your system — and your investment. With a menu of Sage Support packages to choose from, it allows you worry-free enjoyment at a comfortable price.

Silver package

Priority Response Time

Sage Support customers who call Tech Support during normal business hours are moved to the head of the line. If the issue cannot be solved over the phone or remotely, then same-day service will be scheduled.

Telephone Tech Support

Should your system malfunction for any reason, simply call one of our trained technicians. They’ll talk you through any difficulties you may be experiencing, and if it can’t be solved over the phone, they’ll sent a technician to your site. Phone support is available weekdays from 9AM and 5PM.

Discounted onsite labor

With Silver Support, you qualify for a discounted labor rate for any repairs or maintenance.

Continuous Remote Access

Many system problems arise from intermittent internet and telephone service — a problem outside our control. However, via Remote Access, we can successfully reboot your system and restore service whenever an outage occurs. Sage will also continuously monitor your system online in order to generate diagnostic reports detailing the exact nature and cause of any malfunctions. Additionally, manufacturer software or firmware upgrades will be remotely installed so your system is always up-to-date and running smoothly.

Annual Maintenance

In order to ensure the longevity of your system, Sage will provide rack and equipment maintenance one time per year. This service helps improve overall system functionality, and includes a thorough cleaning to preventing overheating and poor connections caused by dust and dirt.

Gold package

Free onsite labor

Onsite technical assistance for repair and maintenance work is available during normal business hours at no charge.

Twice-annual Maintenance

Sage will provide rack and equipment maintenance two times-per-year.

Emergency Service

Gold Support entitles you to after hours phone and remote access support. This coverage also qualifies you for a discounted onsite after-hours labor rate for any repairs or maintenance, including weekends.

Loaner Equipment

If we cannot fix or replace any malfunctioning components in less than a week, then we will loan you equipment of equal quality at no cost.

Platinum package

Three Year Extended Warranty

Our three-year program is much more than just three years of Gold coverage. The Platinum Support Package includes free equipment replacement, as well as free system programing and onsite labor. Essentially, it’s blanket coverage, and let’s you rest assured that anything that goes wrong will be fixed, and anything that can’t be fixed will be replaced — all at no additional cost.

  • Sage AV is great! Professional, timely for appointments, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful in answering all questions, and providing continued support after the job was complete. Overall, highly recommended for sure. Thanks again to Sage AV for the amazing job!